HPG Premier Roll Review

Brand: HPG
Model: Premier Roll
Price: £11.45

Upon arrival I gave these goalkeeper gloves a quick pre-wash and left them to dry overnight.

When first putting the gloves on I must admit to being extremely impressed at the quality. The goalkeeper glove is very similair in feel to the Sells wrap series, nice and lightweight with a padded 3mm backhand and 4mm all weather latex.

Unfortunately its taken me a few weeks to get a review done of these goalkeeper gloves due to the extreme weather conditions and during this time the price of these gloves has dropped down to £11.45 per pair!

However over the last two weeks I’ve trained in these goalkeeper gloves exclusively and I’m quite frankly amazed at the outstanding quality that can be obtained for such a low price!!

As an avid Sells wearer I was expecting to notice a massive difference between the big brands and these, however I can honestly say I had no worries leaving the Sells in the kitbag and putting my faith in these.

In cold and wet conditions they performed perfectly allowing me to confidently pluck crosses out the air at will.

If I was to look for a negative the only thing I could comment on would be that these gloves are very lightweight but I can say with all sincerity I honestly don’t think you will find a goalkeeper glove of this quality at this price anywhere else.

Overall a massive recomendation from myself! Grab yourself a pair now whilst they are still at this price!

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Daz @ KeeperPortal

Owner and creator of Keeper Portal, an FA qualified goalkeeping coach as well as being pretty impressive at keeping balls out of a net.

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  1. I think I will check these out! I have found that some brands even if cheaper can be more dependable. It is quite funny that Amateur keepers as well as I spend so much money on gloves when this is sitting right next to the expensive ones with better quality.

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