The One Glove – GEO Flux Review

This winter we’ve been reviewing The One Glove’s GEO Flux model, on paper one of their simpler models – a negative cut glove with removable finger protection and their aqua wet latex palm.

Basic Info:

• 4mm Aqua wet-weather latex
• Negative cut
• MidSplit strap
• Removable finger protection
• 3D Embosed backhand
• Double Wrapped Thumb
• Retail Price: £34.99
• Brand: The One Glove Company

Initial Impressions:

We’ve spoken about the glove wallet that The One Glove has been using lately in a few reviews so far, but it’s still one of the better designs around, with separate areas and individual plastic bags for each glove to keep them from sticking together when stored away.

The first thing that struck me about these gloves was the eye-catching colours on the backhand, they really do stand out. Even in a crowd of goalkeepers there is no mistaking these gloves, they really do look fantastic!

With the finger spines in they were far too tight, but The One Glove do recommend going up a size if you plan to use the finger protection and with them removed they fit perfectly! (Avoided the temptation to say like a glove).

As with all gloves we gave these a thorough pre-wash before use and they definitely felt like they would benefit from it, unlike some of the contact latex gloves we’ve reviewed lately where you can almost peel and go!

I guess the final thing we noticed about this glove – probably more so because we had just reviewed the GEO McG which is absolutely packed with new tech and ideas – is that this glove has nothing else in terms of features to really write about. It’s just a great looking, extremely comfortable, negative cut glove with the usual One Glove split strap to help keep it secure!

Performance and Durability:

One of our pet hates here at Keeper Portal is people who review gloves after one or two uses, so we always like to make sure we test a glove out extensively. We try our best to ensure that we try each glove out with different brand footballs, on different surfaces and in a variety of weather conditions.

These gloves have been used more times than I can even remember, over about 2 months on grass, 3G for coaching, training and playing. I can’t lie, it’s generally been pretty damp throughout – but that’s just England for you and there were a couple of drier sessions!

The first impressions section of this review finished talking about how this was a much simpler glove than some of the other gloves The One Glove offer. But don’t for one second think that means it’s not a very special glove!

The latex on the GEO Flux is sold as a wet weather latex and in wet weather the grip on these gloves is superb, and has performed exceptionally well throughout testing, in fact – it’s been so good we kept going back to these gloves long after we needed to for this review which has not only slowed down our reviews on other gloves, but also means we’ve given them a good battering over the last few months.

They don’t have the superb LiquiProof feature that some of the One Glove’s latest gloves have which is a shame for their wet weather gloves and seems like the best place to put it (note to the manufacturer) but we’ve found ourselves ringing the water out of them and then knowing they will catch the next ball perfectly.

I guess the only way I can express how much I love these gloves, is to say that if you were to look back through some of the earlier reviews on Keeper Portal you’d find a statement that reads:

“I’ll be completely honest at this point and state that I’m generally not a huge fan of a negative cut fingers”

But I’d pick these gloves for that big game over anything I currently have in my kit bag.

In terms of durability, as above we’ve absolutely hammered these gloves now – but I remember posting an image on Twitter after about 24 uses and they looked in great condition still – you always get a lot more fingertip wear with a negative cut and these are the same in that aspect, but the performance was well and truly still there.

After countless more uses since then and sadly having to put them away whilst we focus on newer reviews, I can say with my hand on my heart that I’d be shocked if anybody had a bad word to say about the durability of these gloves.

Value for Money

These gloves retail at £34.99 a pair which is cheaper than some of the other gloves available from The One Glove, most likely down to the reduction in the fancy technology that goes into them when compared to some of their other new gloves.

The range in glove prices in today’s market is simply crazy, you can pick up basic independent brand template gloves from £15-20 nowadays and Reusch have just broken the £200 barrier at the other end of the spectrum, so for me, £34.99 for what I believe to be a top quality glove is exceptional value for money.

Where can you get them?

The gloves are available now directly from The One Glove Company’s own website:


Check out their YouTube launch video here:

One glove - GEO Flux

Appearance - 95%
Comfort - 90%
Grip - 95%
Durability - 92%
Value for Money - 91%


Hidden gem of a glove!

Simple, high quality, durable, wet weather excellence at a superb price.

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