The One Glove – GEO McG Glove Review

Over the last month at Keeper Portal we’ve been lucky enough to try out The One Glove Company’s ‘Geo McG’ – probably their most technologically advanced glove yet from any of their ranges since launching.

We’ve been putting this unique ‘UltraFlat’ palm glove through its paces in wind, rain and shine to see what all the buzz coming out of The One Glove HQ is about!

Basic Info:

• 4mm Contact Latex White
• UltraFlat cut (more in this later)
• MidSplit strap
• Liquiproof ® water repellent backhand
• Internal non-slip silicone
• Wind Stopper mesh
• 3D Embosed backhand
• Double Wrapped Thumb
• Retail Price: £39.99
• Brand: The One Glove Company

Initial Impressions:

As with our recent review of The One Glove’s GEO Argentum, the glove wallet that the gloves arrive in for this year has definitely been a step up in terms of quality over previous seasons and its striking design and separate compartments for each glove makes it more than functional enough to use as a glove bag to keep your gloves in top condition.

As with all contact latex gloves, the first job to do is peel off the plastic film from the palms, making sure you don’t nick the latex or leave bits of plastic flapping around ruining performance.

Plastic film off, a contact latex should be ready to go straight away and these felt like they would be. But as with all gloves we put them through a brief pre-wash just to get them up to peak performance as soon as possible – very little came out in the pre-wash so we probably could have skipped it!

So, let’s have a look at this unique ‘UltraFlat cut’ – when I first heard that The One Glove were releasing a flat cut glove I was less than excited, I’ve not been a fan of flat palm gloves since I discovered roll fingers and with the release of hybrids mixing rolls and negative cuts I figured I’d never go back, I simply hate how loose flat palms feel, which ruins the feel on the ball for me.

I’d seen The One Glove speaking about this glove before and telling people it wasn’t like a flat palm glove, so I tried to keep an open mind as I tried them on for the first time and wow – they weren’t lying!

They have completely removed the negative aspects of the flat palm cut, first they have switched out the traditional gussets down the side of the fingers which created that loose feel and instead used negative stitching to give a really nice snug feel to the glove.

Secondly, they added an internal non-slip silicone throughout, which is ribbed to help you feel like the gloves are stuck to you and give an exceptional feel for the ball and confidence that the latex isn’t going to move upon contact with the ball – the pre-curved palm probably helps with this also!

These two things absolutely make this glove for me and change it from a glove I thought I’d instantly hate into a glove I couldn’t wait to wear.

So, unique cut and internal silicone aside, what else is new? Well the glove has also been coated with Liquiproof spray on the backhand that makes them water repellent.

I always feel that appearance is subjective, everybody likes different looks in their gloves but firstly my opinion is that these look superb – I even got an accidental combo out of them!

Secondly, I bump into quite a few keepers during my time coaching and I’ve never had so many keepers and parents asking me about where they could get a pair, I’ve also never seen so many disappointed youngsters when I told them they only start in a 6 – note for TheOneGlove.

Performance and Durability:

As with all the gloves we review, we like to put them through their paces extensively. These gloves have been used over about 6-7 weeks for about 3 sessions per week on grass and artificial turf (4G) using a variety of different footballs, from top of the range Nike Ordem balls down to Joma training balls in a lot of different weather conditions – although surprisingly a lot of dry, sunny weather for the UK – leaving me with some lovely glove tan lines (I know you all feel my pain!).

I’ve always enjoyed The One Glove’s contact latex and once again it performs exceptionally on this glove whatever the weather and the Liquiproof technology really does work to help keep your hands feeling dryer in the wet from water coming through the backhand!

The latex on the Geo McG really is a top range latex and is exactly the same latex you saw worn by Alan McGregor in the Premier League last season, so you know you have a premium glove strapped to your hands and not a take down version of the pro gloves as some big brands do.

The only negative to this latex, is that if you drop a ball – you have no excuse! I’m actually really hoping to see things like Liquiproof and the internal silicone in more of their range going forward.

In terms of durability, again I’ve always been blown away by the durability of gloves from The One Glove, their latex grips and lasts beyond my expectations and this has been the same with the Geo McG aswell with only a tiny bit of wear to the finger tips after approximately 18-20 uses.

In all of the time reviewing gloves from The One Glove though, this has been the first pair where I’ve had anything slightly out of place – a few weeks after I started using the gloves I noticed a stitch had come away on the v-thumb notch (picture below), it didn’t affect performance at all and hasn’t worsened during use but for the sake of an honest review I couldn’t leave it out.

I spoke to a number of other respected friends in the goalkeeping community who have tried these gloves – none of which had any issues and all loved the gloves – and when I mentioned it to the brand they offered to send me a new pair – which I turned down as it hasn’t affected their performance one bit.

Value for Money

These gloves retail at £39.99 a pair which puts them at the top of the price range for ‘independent’ gloves, and even at the top of the price range for The One Glove’s own range of gloves.

But they really are an excellent pair of gloves that rival the top gloves available on the market at a much more affordable price.

They have clearly spent a lot of time, effort and I assume money in testing this glove, the cut and the technology to ensure that they are a top-quality glove which has resulted in a top-quality glove which I feel is not only value for money, but is a glove that all goalkeepers should try.

Where can you get them?

The gloves are available now directly from The One Glove Company’s own website:


Check out their YouTube launch video here:

One Glove - GEO McG

Appearance - 97%
Comfort - 95%
Grip - 95%
Durability - 87%
Value for Money - 87%


Fantastic flat palm hybrid

Packed full of great features, this superb 'flat palm' glove completely changed my opinion of flat palms!

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