The One Glove – Nova Type 1 Review

Following on from our recent review of The One Glove Company’s Pulse Glove we have been trying out another of their new gloves – the Nova Type 1!

Having been thoroughly impressed with their Pulse glove we were keen to get these gloves on and see how they perform and particularly keen to test out the Nova’s ‘Hyla’ cut.

Basic Info:

  • 4mm German Contact Latex
  • Hyla Hybrid Cut (more in this later)
  • Integrated flexi-cuts to reduce backhand tension
  • Integrated shock absorbing rubber paneling
  • Designed, Tested and Worn by Professional Keepers
  • Retail Price: £29.99
  • Brand: The One Glove Company

Initial Impressions:

The Nova’s come in a standard single pocket glove wallet, each in their own individual plastic cover and also come with the standard plastic cover over the palms (as with all contact latex gloves).

In terms of appearance, the gloves in my opinion look great and the Hyla cut really helps with the appearance of the glove giving it a natural ‘claw’ look. In terms of colours and palm design however they aren’t as strikingly impressive as the Pulse glove.


As we are talking about the Hyla cut lets take a look at exactly what it is. As is becoming increasingly popular it is another Hybrid cut which we are always keen to see and try out as we love the fact that goalkeepers are finally getting more choices in their gloves. The Hyla cut is a pretty unique hybrid and in The One Glove Company’s own words it ‘effortlessly combines a flat body with stitch-less roll fingers’.

The cut of the glove adds a lot to the comfort of these gloves, it provides a natural curve to the glove which makes a very natural ball to hand contact. As a normal roll finger user these gloves felt really comfortable to me and the materials used in them feels really high quality.

The gloves share the same latex as the Pulse Glove which we reviewed recently so we already had high expectations of grip straight out of the bag and we weren’t disappointed. As soon as you pull off the contact latex plastic covers the gloves are tacky and you can have lots of fun making fists and pressing the palms together to get that epic noise that signals a great gripping glove and makes you excited to get out on the football pitch and try them out for real!

 Performance and Durability

We’ve been wearing these gloves for just over 4 weeks now, which includes quite a few training sessions and 6 matches. The weather has been pretty good over the last month so all the matches they have been used in have been relatively dry, but a couple of the training sessions were in the wet so we have tried them out in a few different conditions.

Even though we had very high expectations, the grip on these gloves still really impressed us. The latex is fantastic and paired with the Hyla cut they combine to make a great glove that gave us real confidence when claiming (a lot of) crosses and holding on to shots both in training and matches and as any Keeper knows, having confidence in your handling can make a huge difference in terms of performance.

Sometimes gloves when they are new can perform great but quickly fade, but having washed them down after each session the Nova’s continue to offer great grip still.

In terms of durability, the latex has been fantastic with hardly any sign of wear on it although there has been some discolouration but we find this happens a lot with gloves and put it down to the regular washing of them and it doesn’t have any detrimental effect on the grip what so ever.

I guess the real testimonial to the durability and grip of these gloves is that even though we have finished reviewing them they will be used again for training and matches in the coming weeks!

Value for Money

As with The One Glove’s other top model, these gloves retail at £29.99 a pair which having worn the gloves for a few weeks seems a great price for a glove of this quality. It feels like The One Glove Company have spent well in the important areas to create a very comfortable, good looking glove with fantastic grip.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to glove cuts, but this is probably the nicest cut we have worn and we hope it will become more popular in other brands!

These gloves for us are up there with the top gloves you will get from any of the big names such as Nike, Adidas or Reusch and when you compare the price differences between the brands it’s hard not to feel like you are getting a bargain at £29.99.

Where can you get them?

The gloves are available now directly from The One Glove Company’s own website:



Check out their YouTube launch video here:

One Glove - Nova Type 1

Appearance - 88%
Comfort - 95%
Grip - 95%
Durability - 95%
Value for Money - 95%


Pro level glove at an affordable price

The One Gloves fantastic 'Hyla' cut combined with a great contact latex makes these gloves a favourite of ours! If you like the 'claw' feel to your glove or you haven't tried it before we thoroughly recommend these gloves and promise you won't be disappointed!

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