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What Gloves Does Iker Casillas Wear

Iker Casillas currently wears the Adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeper Glove which he wore recently during the Euro 2012 Championship which Spain went on to win!

Iker Casillas was one of a number of Adidas Endorsee’s to wear the Adidas Predator Goalkeeper Glove during the recent Euro 2012 Championship including Manuel Neuer and Petr Cech!

The Predator Pro Goalkeeper Glove has a unique negative cut with a double wrapped thumb and is currently being worn in the 2012 colourway of White/Blue and Bright Orange.

Previously Iker Casillas was well known for being signed to Reebok goalkeeping gloves and before signing his deal with Adidas he was the only goalkeeper to wear Reebok gloves – as they had stopped selling them to the general public.

Iker Casillas Goalkeeper Gloves Adidas Predator Pro

Full features of the glove include:

  • STRETCH – STRAP: Individual fit adjustments with best stabilisation characteristics are assured by this patented strap.
  • CLOSE-FITTING BANDAGE: Without limiting seams, a revolutionary bandage provides an ideal fit to everyone’s individual wrist measurements.
  • EURO 2012: 3.5mm latex + 4.0mm cushioning. Developed to the specific characteristics of the EURO 2012 match ball.
  • SEAMLESS TOUCH: Through an engineered in-hand pattern, this special negative cut with latex gussets ensures a seamless touch.
  • DOUBLE THUMB WRAP: Increased stability and a tight fit for the thumb from the top and bottom side.


The Adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeper Glove can be found at a number of online stores currently for around £51.99, however Lovell Soccer currently have a fantastic offer on at £44.99 a pair with FREE PERSONALISATION or 2 pairs for £79.98 again with free personalisation!

Click HERE to be taken directly to their offer.

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