Storelli – Bodyshield Slider Shorts Review

Over the past month we have been lucky enough to try out some Storelli under clothing to see how one of the premium names in protective under armor performs and if it really makes a difference.

The first piece of kit we got to try out was their Bodyshield Slider Shorts which retail for around £34.99 in the UK.

In Storelli’s own words the shorts are: new-bodyshield-sliders-01

“Designed to grant you the protection and light-weight mobility you need during competitive matches, these Sliders incorporate innovative foam technology that protects you when you dive or slide without hindering your movements.”

Basic Info:

All Storelli products come with a list of features which show why they are a premium brand, for example the fabric and foam have received a Microbial treatment that not only reduces the risk of infections but also reduces the terrible odor that we all associate with football kit!

The important bit though is obviously around protection and to provide this the shorts come with a 3mm high-Performance polyurethane foam that is strategically placed to allow full mobility without compromising protection and the compression material ensures that the shorts stay where they are supposed to.

Performance and Durability:

These shorts felt great under normal shorts and essentially transformed any shorts into a pair of padded goalkeeping shorts with the added benefit of protecting you from grazes when diving and sliding due to them not rising up like normal shorts have the habit of doing.

The padding isn’t particularly thick (they do produce a thicker model specifically as a goalkeeper under short) but these provide adequate padding to protect you on reasonably hard ground as well as astro-turf whilst allowing you to remain extremely flexible and don’t seem to soak up much water when wet unlike some padded items.

There isn’t too much to say about these shorts in terms of performance, they do exactly what they are supposed to and protect your upper legs from the ground very well.

One thing that is extremely important when buying goalkeeper clothing is the durability, we’ve deliberately not released this review for over 3 months to allow us to really test out the durability on these shorts. We’ve used them in every game and training session during this period and a few five a side matches and as yet, they look as good as the day we got them – so they get a great big thumbs up in terms of durability, but if we come across any durability issues in the near future we will be sure to update this review!

Value for Money:storellisliderrear

Storelli is a premium brand who make high quality products which from our experience are extremely well made, but as with most premium products they come with a relatively high price tag. These shorts are available for around £35 which is obviously a lot more expensive than picking up a pair of standard padded goalkeeper shorts and is also more than some cheap under shorts that will generally protect you from grazes when sliding in the same way.

Ultimately what they are competing with is some of the higher end under shorts such as Nike Combat Pro’s and McDavid’s etc and in this market I think they are a fantastic choice.

Final Thought:

These shorts are well made, have great durability and do exactly what they promise to do and protect your upper legs. Whilst they appear expensive, in their target market they are well placed against the competition. The only problem with this is that all of these shorts (Storelli and other brands) for us are a ‘nice to have’, you can do similar jobs with much cheaper products and most pitches in the UK are of a standard where you don’t need under armor at all. If you do play in conditions that require extra protection however and you have the money to spend on a high quality product then we would hand on heart recommend them to you.

Storelli - Bodyshield Slider Shorts

Appearance - 80%
Comfort - 90%
Durability - 100%
Value for Money - 70%


Great product (if required)

Extremely well made under shorts that provide protection from harsher playing surfaces, will be life changing for some keepers but are ultimately a luxury for most keepers.

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