Sells Aqua Wrap Axis Review

Brand: Sells
Model: Aqua Wrap Axis
Price: £49.99

Today we take a look at one of the most widely used goalkeeper gloves on the pro circuit wearers of Sells Aqua Wrap include: Ben Foster, Rob Green, Craig Gordon, Anti Niemi, Dean Kiely, Tony Warner, Mike Pollitt, Stuart Taylor, Jimmy Walker and Darren Ward – not to mention a huge number of pro goalkeepers outside the English top flight.

The new update to the popular glove includes Sells 2009 update to their advanced latexes and most noteably includes their new Anti Twist Zone System on the gloves wristband.

The glove has everything you would expect from a top goalkeeper glove provider, the grip is excellent especially as you would expect from the name, in the wet. Durability of the Aqua Wrap has in my experience been extremely good, I’ve gone through entire seasons on a single pair when maintained well and used only for matches and this new model seems to perform just as well.

The new wrist strap is a fantastic idea and I’ve heard from a large number of users that they absolutely love the way it feels. However – personally I’m not a fan, it feels far too lightweight for me and doesn’t feel as secure as previous Sells goalkeeper gloves (the d30 for example).

In closing – the new Aqua Wrap Axis is a fantastic new addition to the Sells range and will continue to be used by top goalkeepers across the world.

If you’re a fan of lightweight goalkeeper gloves you will absolutely love these, the only sticking point is obviously the price!

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Daz @ KeeperPortal

Owner and creator of Keeper Portal, an FA qualified goalkeeping coach as well as being pretty impressive at keeping balls out of a net.

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