How Tall Does a Goalkeeper Need To Be – Your Vote!

One of the biggest issues for young Goalkeepers is worrying about if they are going to grow tall enough to make it as a professional. From speaking to scouts and coaches about what they look for in a goalkeeper we have already heard that as much as we may try to dismiss it and talk about talent there is a massive advantage to being a taller goalkeeper and if you look around the top clubs today you are hard pushed to find more than 1 or 2 goalkeepers at 6ft or less with the norm being around 6ft 3 and above nowadays.

With this in mind we have decided to get your feedback on just how tall you think you need to be to become a Professional Goalkeeper… to keep things simple we will assume we are talking about adult male goalkeepers for this poll (We will do something for the female goalkeepers soon I promise!)

So vote with your mice and once the poll is finished we will get a few professional coaches opinions on the matter and see if they are in agreement with your votes!

How Tall Does a Professional Goalkeeper Need To Be

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Please leave your opinions and comments below as to why you think this is the required height to be a professional goalkeeper.

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Daz @ KeeperPortal

Owner and creator of Keeper Portal, an FA qualified goalkeeping coach as well as being pretty impressive at keeping balls out of a net.

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  1. Jimmy Walker is 5’8″ and has made 456 appearances for Walsall. He’s certainly a professional keeper. Some top international keepers like Iker Casillas are 6’0″. Height is definitely an advantage, but there are outliers at every level.

  2. It depends more on talent than height in my opinion, I think around the 6ft area (give or take an inch) is fine depending on a keepers reactions and decision making as these are far more important than height. Of course there will always be an advantage to being 6″3+ and some managers seem to prefer a taller GK, Alex Ferguson for one.

  3. I think presence is really what matters. If you have a strong presence on the pitch how tall you are won’t matter. Even if you are a keeper. Although Lionel Messi isn’t he is quite short, but still the best player in the world. If you have the quickness, skill, and strong presence the opponent will not notice your height.

  4. I’ll have to cosign onto what blackout23 said. An aggressive GK with speed and agility is just as much an asset to the team as a tall GK. Coupled with skill and a commanding presence, an opponent won’t be concerned about your height at all.

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