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Why goal kicks should be taken from the mid...

Apr 09, 2016No Comments

Where we place the ball for a goal kick is drilled into us from an early age and sticks with us for the rest of

Forster in the Dead Zone

Avoiding the goalkeeping dead zone

Apr 02, 2016No Comments

There is a big change happening under the radar in the world of goalkeeping, it’s very easy to miss but is a fundamental change in

Chelsea's Thibaut Courtois

Courtois believes it is time keepers starte...

Apr 24, 2015No Comments

Having helped Chelsea to the top of the Premier League and recently being nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year Award, Courtois believes

How tall do female goalkeepers need to be?

Mar 27, 20151 Comment

Being a goalkeeper in today’s game requires a minimum height for men – usually around the 6ft 1 mark but often clubs are looking for

Clash of the Coaches – Who’s th...

Nov 22, 2012No Comments

A look at the confusing situation for a young goalkeeper trying to follow what their Goalkeeper Coach says whilst keeping their Manager happy.

Goalkeeper Scout Academy Training

What Do Scouts and Coaches Look For In a Go...

May 13, 201225 Comments

One of the most common questions that gets asked around goalkeeping websites is how to get noticed by scouts and how to make it in